Projects by Taeluf


Connect JS classes to html nodes with contextual relationships between objects

Better Regex

Write Multi-line regex with comments, special functions, and reference lookup.

Big Db

A feature-rich, somewhat minimalist database layer for php with ORM, migrations, stored sql statements

Change Default Git Branch

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Cli Framework

A bash cli framework for building easy-to-use command line libraries.

Code Scrawl

Generate documentation for code in multiple languages.

Common Utils

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Gamepedia Search

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Git Bent

No nonsense git cli library with guided prompts & commands

Json To MySql

Convert huge JSON files into chunked MySQL files. Auto-schema generation (customizable). Uses very little RAM


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Kitchen Sink

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A declarative lexer seamlessly hooking into php functions, building ASTs for multiple languages.


Build full GUI framework/cms-agnostic PHP applications. Many apps will require zero configuration and zero routing code. And build full websites.


A simple PDO wrapper with convenience methods for common SQL verbs like insert, update, delete, select

Markdown To PDF

Convert Markdown files to PDF & Html from the cli. Very simple.

Md Blog

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Prototypes and old code across various languages

PHP Environment

Seamlessly switch between localhost, staging, and production, with different configs & PHP code between environments.

Phad. Php Html Api Database

WIP: Links together html with a database & provides helper classes for handling modals & submission, both in javascript & PHP


WIP: Browse documentation or source code for multiple branches of your git-hosted project. Webhook support built-in.

RDB RedBean PHP Wrapper

RedbeanPHP extension. Customize beans with extra (unstored) properties. Clear error messages. Other quality-of-life improvements.


R("a.key") to retrieve a saved value.


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A php powered server using Liaison, Phad, and other stuff. To get started quickly.

Simple Cli Framework

a simple cli interface for building cli apps in php

Spreadsheet To Db

Converts .ods files into .csv, .json, .sql, and creates an .sqlite database

Unit Tester

A unit-testing library for PHP that outputs HTML for easy viewing of test results. Less robust than PHP Unit, but lower learning curve. Good for those new to testing.

User Gui

WIP: A User login & registration system

pHtml - Dom Document

Easy-to-use DOMDocument extension let's you parse and traverse html with very few headaches. Allows PHP within the document.


Convenience bash utilities that i use. Some may be generally helpful. Others are very specific to my setup. It's for me, but you can use it.