Provi Php (Project Viewer)

Show off your software with a documentation viewer & source code viewer, branch selection, git webhooks, theming (eventually), and more.

See for an example!

Status: Under Development, poorly documented, unpolished

This is currently being used at, but it's probably not ready for most people to use

Main issues:

  • There is no built-in support for the server integration & my one full working example is closed-source. There is a partial, bad example at test/Server/deliver.php
  • Gitlab webhooks are implemented! Buuuut gitHUB webhooks are not. (maybe they work the same? idk)
  • It's in alpha so there will surely be breaking changes


  • passthru('echo "/path/to/git-pull" | at 10:27') must work on your webservver (the time is always the next minute & git-pull is at bin/git-pull).


composer require taeluf/provi v0.9.x-dev   

or in your composer.json

{"require":{ "taeluf/provi": "v0.9.x-dev"}}  

How to use

Warning: There is still not an easy way to setup the webserver, it's not documented, and it will be a headache or two. Other thingss are also poorly documented.

  1. Create a projects dir
  2. Create a settings.json file in that dir & fill it in. Example at test/Server/projects/settings.json
  3. cd /your/projects_dir; then /path/to/provi/code/get-all-repos.php to download all projects defined in your settings.json
  4. Integrate with your server/routing code (sorry this isn't documented yet!)
  5. Setup gitlab webhooks (on Github webhooks are not yet implemented
  6. Push to your server! (maybe probably test on localhost first)


CURRENTLY, it is under the MIT license, but i may switch to a different license in the future that makes it free for up to 5 projects & like $5 for up to 50 projects.