TLF Scripts

These are scripts I use during development & some day-to-day computer usage.

Use at your own risk

This might be helpful to you, but use at your own risk. You may need to review the actual code at points.


We'll git clone this package and run the install script, which will download our single dependency & setup ~/.bashrc to point to this library.

  1. cd ~/; mkdir vendor; cd vendor; or cd into another directory for downloaded packages
  2. git clone
  3. ./install
  4. Either source ~/.bashrc or re-launch your terminal


  • run tlf help to see command groups available
  • prefix all commands with tlf ... yeah
  • You'll need a secrets/general.bash file INSIDE this repo's files for a lot of the features

Example secrets/general.bash

autoload_build_path="/absolute/path/to the autoload builder script"  
autoload_exec_path="/absolute/path/to a php autoload script"  
ssh_keys_folder=~/.ssh2 # I use .ssh2 to stop automatic sshkey setup from happening  
dnf_install_path="/absolute/path/to a file that keeps a list of dnf packages to install on new system setup"  
dnf_remove_path="/absolute/path/to a file that keeps a list of dnf packages to remove on new system setup"