Git Bent

Cli library to do git stuff, but better. It has guided prompts, simple versions of complex commands, a nice git log output, built-in ability to roll back commits, and so much more.

You may want to look at the Dev Notes for some additional resources & things about git.


For more see screenshots dir.

this is bent diff, to view the diff between files:
bent diff command, showing a list of different files to switch between with option to enter a number or range of numbers to select the files you view git diffs for. Then there's a little bit of the diff of a selected file

Status: Beta! & pretty good

Be a tester!

I've been using this for over a year, and I'm pretty happy with this version. I trust it to work for me. Why is it still in Beta? Because i need testers to confirm it works for others & maybe find bugs & test compatibility on Windows & Mac.

It's also ... messy. There will likely be some breaking changes. It needs polish. Help menus work, but they're ... not as intuitive as I'd like. Some desired features are missing.

Getting Started

We'll git clone this package and run the install script, which will download our single dependency & setup ~/.bashrc to point to this library.

  1. cd ~/; mkdir vendor; cd vendor; or cd into another directory for downloaded packages
  2. git clone git-bent
  3. cd git-bent; ./install; - install downloads my bash cli library it depends on & appends itself to your ~/.bashrc file
  4. Either source ~/.bashrc or re-launch your terminal


  • @TaelufDev on Twitter
  • - My site is not currently maintained (Feb 3, 2021). My site is still not being maintained (September 18, 2021)... Wow. :( My poor poor website


This project is somewhat actively developed. Please open issues & pull requests as you see fit. Better yet, write some bash. If you've never used bash before, then is awesome. If you know how to code & you've used linux cli, you should be able to jump right in and make small fixes or add small features.

Please ask questions (on twitter, preferably) if you want to contribute & would like guidance or have questions. If you do something "wrong", don't worry - I'll change it to my liking.

Alternatives / Competition

We make no guarantees regarding software listed here.

Why use Git Bent over competition?

  • You like CLI
  • I've worked really hard on it & just want to make git easier & more useful
  • I still want to make it better, but have no reason to if others don't use it.

Why NOT use Git Bent?

  • You have VERY specific git needs (you can use both though)
  • You don't like that our save function does add -A every time
  • You love GUIs and hate CLI and hate being happy
  • You don't trust me & you think it's full of viruses because I'm an internet rando.


If you want to contribute, you do not need php. I will gladly run the documentation generation myself & eventually will do this with CICD.

This uses PHP packages to generate documentation & help menus. This requires composer (to install dependencies), php language, and I'm pretty sure composer requires git, but you probably have that already

To setup the dev environment, make a fork, then:

git clone git-bent # Put in the correct url for your fork.  
cd git-bent/.config  
composer install  
cd ..  

Then to generate documentation & help menus:


& just answer 'y'