Socially aware Foo Bar Alternatives

So you're writing tests? Or examples? I don't use foo-bar anyway. I tend toward cats & dogs & other lovely furry things. I've recently started using socially aware statements in my tests instead, because I believe it's good to carry a meaningful message anywhere I can.

Problem is, thinking up a good socially-aware statement every time I need to test a simple string for equality can be mentally draining. Plus, I think I wanna make an "advertising" lib that... nags at you lol. So This would be a good starting point for that too.


I intend to make sorted lists, but it's hard to sort from square one, so I'm starting just with an unsorted list

  • Plant Pollinator Plants
  • Cops don't fix poverty
  • Love is free
  • The war on drugs disproportionately affected(affects) black people.
    • As a sample "error" message (because it's an error in our society!)
  • Too many people are in the American prison system
  • the 'Justice' system is actually a punish for profit system
  • Buy From Amazon (and support a monopolistic small-business killing mega-corporation)
    • Buy from a local business; be part of a community.


Social Justice