Mount DreamObjects on linux

WARNING I think it is a bad idea to auto-mount a network drive on boot. I ended up disabling this setup. Just wasn't really helpful at all. But having a single script to do the mounting could be nice & the info here will help with that.

  1. Follow the tutorial at to configure rsync
    • Note the name you give for your bucket in rsync
  2. Create a new directory mkdir ~/my-sync-folder/
  3. execute rclone mount name-of-bucket-in-rsync:/bucket_name/ ~/my-sync-folder
    • more info at
  4. Setup boot-up mounting. WOAH. Don't do this unless you're comfortable with linux, as you may have unexpected problems. I disabled mine after finding it to be a bit of a headache. A safer approach is to make a little script that you just call with mount_dreamobjects or something. a. nano ~/.bash_profile b. WARNING: You must include & at the end of the rclone command, or your system will hang at login. - WARNING 2: Your file manager probably won't open if the mount fails, such as if you don't have an internet connection. - Write rclone mount name-of-bucket-in-rsync:/bucket_name/ ~/my-sync-folder &, save (ctrl+x -> y -> [enter]) - the & tells terminal to open this in the background