GIT: Add, Commit, And push all at once

We'll make a bash script that will do git add -A; git commit -m "..."; git push, exiting if you use an empty commit message Create a file, give it execute permission, and open it for editing. You don't have to use the bin directory. But for now, we are.

cd ~/;
mkdir bin;
cd bin;
touch gitamp; # The file name IS the command name. you can make it whatever you like.
chmod +x gitamp;
nano gitamp;

Now, copy+paste the following bash script into the gitamp file.

echo "git add, commit, push from: "; pwd;
read -p "Enter Commit Message:" msg; 
case $msg in
    "" ) echo "Empty commit message. Exiting";exit;;
git add -A; 
git commit -m "$msg"; 
git push;

Now, you can ~/bin/gitamp OR add it to your path, like so:
sudo nano ~/.bashrc, and on the last line write export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

Then restart your terminal or enter source ~/.bashrc